Our Story


Some of the greatest value to be found in the construction industry is with the consistency of people you work with.  Having top quality equipment is essential, but having top quality people is invaluable.  Our dream team didn’t just assemble yesterday.  We are friends, we are family, we have a level of trust in one another that can’t be made overnight – a value we also hold high when selecting our sub-trades. There's nothing more relieving than walking on site and seeing familiar faces. That’s when the mistakes and struggles are minimized, and success and solutions are born.

The Adisa Way

After years spent in the industry, it’s time to forge our own path – we believe there’s a better way to build custom homes. Too often we hear stories about the construction of homes being a ‘nightmare’ of a process, with clients, builders and architects alike citing delays, poor estimating and an overall unwelcoming experience. That stops here.

Our whole career is built upon the construction of people’s homes. We enjoy what we do, and create an environment where the people we surround ourselves with enjoy it too. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s construction. Our team has been active, enthusiastic and progressive during our time spent building, with our combined experiences stretching to all corners of the industry. Although we specialize in single family homes, we are well versed in commercial, multi-family, industrial and agricultural construction. Within the carpentry trade we excel in forming, framing, finishing, concrete finishing and, from time to time, we even dabble in some sub-trade work.

Over the course of our careers we have built homes in the Okanagan, Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast. These days, we hang our hard hats in the Greater Vancouver Area. That said, we don’t shy away from exploring opportunities outside our home base. What matters most, is that the project and the team is the right fit.

Be The Change

We’re leading the charge in bringing the humanity and fun (yes, fun!) back into the business of building homes. There is a feeling people get when they work with us - the feeling of excitement. A feeling, I believe, that can only be fostered when there is trust and accountability backing it. We value our relationships and pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.

Having been fortunate in whom we’ve been able to align with, we plan to spread and continue that good fortune. As the relationships we’ve built along the way continue to grow, we hope you’ll join in on the expansion. If we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, drop us a line. What you’ll find is a group of people who love what they do. Our enthusiasm within the industry is both evident and contagious and we look forward to starting the conversation with you.


- Joe

Owner/Project Manager

Joe MacMullin